Traditions in the Making

During Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year celebration, honey is a symbol of wishing for a sweet year to come. Apples are eaten to express a wish that the year be fruitful. Words are often written in a circle to mirror the continuity of the life cycle. Table accessories are one way of calling attention to these traditional symbols. The etched-glass honey bowl incorporates many of these traditions: The inscription is a wish, in Hebrew, for a happy new year, and the bowl comes with a wooden honey wand. The sterling silver honeybee spoon is an heirloom in the making. And for gift giving, the set of dried apples, honey and an apple filled with apple-flavored jelly beans can easily be mailed.

Etched-glass honey bowl, $58; sterling silver honeybee spoon, $198; and Rosh Hashana Goodies gift box, $23. Available at Audrey's Museum Store, Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles. (310) 440-4505.

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