Smart Aleck

The question Aug. 30: To celebrate the centennial of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, its editors will add 100 new words and delete others. What words would you like to add or delete from the language? Feel free to coin words.


The following words should be added to the dictionary:

godzilla, n. any movie that would have been better if it went straight to video.

Emmanuel Rustia, Chino Hills


biznit, n. the section of an American town or city that contains the chain restaurants, chain stores and strip malls, usually found along one major street. (Example: "Excuse me, I'm new to Fresno, and I'm looking for a Barnes & Noble. Could you tell me where your biznit is?")

Matt Belknap, West Hollywood


Tripp-trap, n. illegal acts to entrap a friend, such as secretly taping phone conversations, to advance one's own purse, fame and desire for revenge.

Helen Colton, Los Angeles


The following words should be deleted:

Monica and Lewinsky, and El Nino and La Nina.

Walter E. Hopmans, Santa Barbara


integrity: "It seems to be missing from most people's vocabulary anyway."

Stuart Finkelstein, Long Beach

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