Pacific View Picked as New Name of Mall

Seeking to market their soon-to-be expanded and remodeled mall as a regional shopping mecca, owners of Buenaventura Mall on Tuesday unveiled a new name: Pacific View.

Work on the mall, which remains open during construction, is scheduled to be complete by November 1999. Builders are adding a parking garage, a Sears store and Robinsons-May to the mall, expanding the retail space to nearly 1.1 million square feet--big enough to count as a “super regional” mall.

Project manager Neil Jurgens said the remodeled mall will be dramatically changed. “Our goal is to open up the mall and have it less constrained. We will have more natural lighting. It will be an entire new building inside and out,” he said.

David Contis, chief operating officer of the Macerich Co., the mall developer, said Pacific View will primarily serve residents living within a 40-mile radius.


“We want this to become the hub of retail sales in Ventura and we want it to be a friendly, welcoming part of the community,” Contis said.

The goal, Contis said, will also be to attract to the mall businesses such as Ann Taylor, The Gap, Banana Republic and Gap Kids. He estimated 80% of the retail space will be leased by mid-1999.