LAPD Barred From Putting Officers’ Photos Online

A Superior Court judge on Tuesday barred the Los Angeles Police Department from posting the photographs of community liaison officers on its Internet site.

Officials with the Los Angeles Police Protective League--the LAPD’s main union--requested the preliminary injunction, arguing that posting the photographs could put those officers in jeopardy and infringe on their privacy rights.

LAPD officials, however, said the officers volunteered for the positions and get paid extra money for becoming department representatives.

A trial is expected to be held in November to decide whether the LAPD will be permanently prohibited from posting the pictures.


In a separate matter, league officials said a survey of their membership revealed that 95% of of those who responded opposed changes Chief Bernard C. Parks has made to the LAPD’s discipline process. The chief had contended that there was broad support for his overhaul.

The union sent ballots to all of its 9,600 members. About 35% responded, league President Dave Hepburn said.