Index of Terrors


A phobia, according to the Encarta Encyclopedia, is an “intense and persistent fear of a specific object, situation or activity. The anxiety is typically out of proportion to the real situation and the victim is fully aware that the fear is irrational.” Although there’s nothing funny about terror, some of the objects of such dread are, well, unusual.

These “phobias” were found by typing “Where can we find a list of phobias?” in the search field of the Web site Ask Jeeves (https://www.ask Personally, the list gives us neologismphobia (fear of what happens when word lovers have too much time on their hands):


* Arachibutyrophobia: fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.

* Auroraphobia: fear of the Northern Lights.

* Caligynephobia: fear of beautiful women.

* Counterphobia: the preference by a phobic person for fearful situations.

* Francophobia: fear of French culture. (Also, Gallophobia.)

* Gephydrophobia: fear of crossing bridges.

* Hedonophobia: fear of feeling pleasure.

*sfHmeebllenologoekcphobia: fear of Greek terms or complex scientific terminology.

* Hippopotomonstroses-

quippedaliophobia: fear of long words.