Angel With Key Bears Important Gift


Dear Cynthia: In my dream I see an angel--an archangel--descend from heaven with a wooden box in his hand. He gives me the box and I open it. In the box is a long, old key, just like the ones used to open old, big oak doors. Then the angel returns to heaven.


Via e-mail

Dear Alex: I know people who would wait in line and pay money to have this dream; in fact, they would give up their daily Starbucks, reorganize the garage and clean that nasty broiler pan in the oven just to receive the message your dream brings.

Although they enjoy commercial popularity in recent years, angels date to antiquity as messengers from God. When they appear in our dreams, we should especially strive to understand the meaning. There is a hierarchy in the realm of angels and archangels are the top of the line--the chief executives, if you will. So your message comes straight from the top; in fact, your angel comes down from heaven to put something in your hands. It doesn’t get easier than that. You don’t have to kill the Wicked Witch of the West and bring back her broomstick; there is no path to travel, no test to pass!


A box is a container; here it holds a gift. You open it willingly, thus you are ready to receive the offering. Inside the box is a key. In dreams as in our waking state, keys are tools--the key to one’s heart, the key to unlocking spiritual mysteries. Your key looks ancient, as if it would open a big heavy door.

The message of your dream is this: You have the key; it is a gift from heaven. You can open any door or remove any obstacle in your life, even the biggest, heaviest and oldest. This is your divine right and path. You have what you need. Your dream may have come as the answer to a prayer, asking how to handle a personal situation. Or it may be a gift preparing you for the future. The good news for all readers is that--much like ruby slippers--the key is just a symbol and this message, this gift, unconditionally applies to you too.

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