Pacific Sunwear Now ‘PacSun’

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Pacific Sunwear of California Inc. has decided to shorten the name on its store signs to the catchier PacSun.

“The kids have been calling us PacSun for years,” Chief Financial Officer Carl Womack said. “It’s kind of just something that was going to happen.”

The shorter name also is less likely to make people think the company sells just T-shirts and swimsuits, he said: “It’s more neutral than Pacific Sunwear.”


The Anaheim retailer of casual clothes for teens and young adults has 450 Pacific Sunwear and d.e.m.o. stores nationwide and plans to open 125 new stores next year. The names on the existing Pacific Sunwear stores will be changed gradually over the next few years.

The company, which is doubling its advertising budget next year to about $9.5 million, said all its future marketing efforts will be directed toward building the PacSun brand name. As part of the expanded marketing campaign, the company will launch its first television advertising campaign next year and will co-sponsor ESPN’s 2000 Winter X Games.