Peace and Freedom Party Registration

Re “Child of the ‘60s Slips,” editorial, Feb. 17:

The Peace and Freedom Party is alive and organizing. We are engaged in an active campaign to register 20,000 new voters between now and September to maintain our ballot status. Unlike all of the other parties on the ballot, we think the capitalist system is the problem. We stand for the rights of working people to free universal health care, free plentiful public transportation, free education at all levels, decent affordable housing and an end to poverty in the richest nation on Earth.

Our registration has risen from under 50,000 in the 1980s to over 72,000 now. People are fed up with the two-headed one-party system that rules today. If numbers really mattered in politics, proportional representation would have seen the Peace and Freedom Party in the Legislature and Congress since the 1970s. I am certain our fellow Californians will register Peace and Freedom Party to keep us on the ballot. Don’t count us out yet.


Los Angeles County Chair

Peace and Freedom Party


Since I’ve been registering people to vote for 25 years, I believe that I’m qualified to comment on why the American Independent Party is still on the ballot, while the Peace and Freedom Party does not have sufficient numbers to stay on.

A number of people who figure that they are not Republican or Democrat but instead are independent check “American Independent,” not realizing that it is actually a political party, let alone the party of George Wallace, who personally stood on the steps of an Alabama college to prevent black students from attending.


Los Angeles