Bates on Simpson Demonstration

* Re “Why Can’t They Let Go of O.J.?” Commentary, Feb. 21:

Karen Grigsby Bates, in her zest for expressing outrage at the antics of an obviously goofy group, engages in outrageously flawed speculation as to the linkage between that event [burning Simpson memorabilia on the courthouse steps] and the manner in which the “rest of us” (her term) regard the O.J. Simpson debacle. Evoking images of lynch mobs, book burnings and school segregation, Bates attempts to take us along on a fuzzy logic crash course from a ridiculous publicity stunt to the horrific tragedy in Jasper, Texas.

If, in fact, Bates’ objective is to implore civility in this still very disturbing Simpson matter, I suggest she begin with eliminating hyperbole as a method to chastise anybody, including the “rest of us.”




Bates and other Simpson defenders try to paint all “O.J. haters” as white, right-wing Nazis--the opposite is true when simple logic is addressed: In the eyes of most people, a millionaire and his wealthy lawyers literally duped a predominately lower- to middle-class African American jury so the millionaire could get away with murder. I don’t see cop-hating, militia-minded white America having a problem with that. I see liberal America, citizens who value race relations and condemn classism--these are the Americans who “can’t let go of O.J.”


Los Angeles