Your Wish Is Light Switch’s Command

Do you feel that nobody is listening to you? That nobody seems to take what you say seriously?

Well, no more. At least not in a room equipped with the Intela Voice Dimmer Switch. The cooperative little device will control the lights at your command. Just say “Lights,” and the lights turn on. Say “Lights low,” and they dim. “Lights off,” and the lights fade. (You can program the commands in other languages too.)

Made by California-based VOS Systems, the switch was the brainchild of a company executive who was inspired while watching an episode of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”

The unit, which sells for $29.95, fits in any standard wall switch and requires only a screwdriver for installation. For those who don’t feel like bossing around a light switch, the device can also be controlled the old-fashioned way--by hand.

For more information, call (800) 596-0061 or visit the company’s Web site at