Towelettes That Do the Work of the Sun

They smell bad, streak the skin and leave an embarrassing orange residue on the hands. Such are the complaints about self-tanning creams and lotions.

Now there is another option for sun-free tanning--the TanTowel. The individually wrapped, moist towelette contains a clear liquid that absorbs quickly into the skin. The company claims it works within three hours to give the face or body a natural, sun-kissed glow.

Darian Braun developed the product for his mother, Paula, who was diagnosed with skin cancer six years ago. “She tried a number of self-tanners, but none of them worked. My mom said she wanted something to make her look healthy.”

The result was the TanTowel, which Braun spent five years developing in Australia. With cucumber extract and tea tree oil, the towels are hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types, and may be applied as often as desired. “They won’t make you look like a Bain de Soleil baby. They will make you look like you went bike riding for the day,” Braun said.

TanTowels, $30 for a package of 15, are available at Fred Segal and in some beauty salons.

Call (888) TAN-TOWL or contact for more information.