Who Goes to the Ob / Gyn

According to statistics compiled by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, there were 66,097,962 office visits to ob / gyns in 1996. Following are the top 15 reasons for the visits and the number of visits.

Prenatal examination, routine: 21,488,193.

General medical examination: 12,180,055.

Pelvic / gynecologic examination: 3,686,854.


Visit to discuss results of laboratory tests: 2,085,377.

Postoperative visit: 2,046,186.

Postpartum examination, routine: 1,405,325.

Pap smear: 1,346,609.


Pelvic symptoms: 1,284,238.

Progress visit, not otherwise specified: 1,005,653.

Menopause symptoms: 963,187.

Family planning: 843,620.

Other vaginal symptoms: 839,454.

Problems of pregnancy: 784,504.

Uterine and vaginal bleeding: 755,279.

Other diseases of female productive tract: 646,152.