Mazda to Recall New MPV Minivans


Mazda North American Operations said Tuesday it will recall its 2000-model-year MPV minivan to replace a mismatched part of the fuel intake system.

Because sales of the new minivan have just started, only 87 vehicles will be taken back from retail customers, the company said. Others will be repaired at dealerships or at Mazda's port storage facilities.

The MPV is a critical vehicle for Irvine-based Mazda North American, which has blamed sluggish sales on lack of a new minivan in its lineup.

The official MPV launch--with attendant advertising--isn't scheduled until September, and the early recall isn't expected to delay things or damage the van's image with consumers, Mazda officials said.

A company spokesman said that on some 2000-model MPV minivans, engines supplied by Ford Motor Co. were assembled with the wrong combination of lower intake manifold, fuel injector and fuel rail assembly, which could result in a rough idle or a fuel leak. The company, which is controlled by Ford, said it has not been informed of any fuel leaks, however, and has not been able to cause one while testing the mismatched components.

It takes about two hours to replace the lower intake manifold. A Mazda spokesman declined to disclose the cost of the recall or whether costs would be borne by Ford.

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