He's Seen the Negative Effects of Internet Pornography

For Internet pornographer Seth Warshavsky to label himself a journalist is outrageous ("Sue Me," by Mark Ehrman, June 13). The tone of your article indicates to me that he's a self-absorbed young man more concerned about his wallet than the 1st Amendment.

Pornographic images do have an impact: What we see affects what we think. If that were not true, the top 10 advertisers in the country would not be spending more than $5 billion a year to entice us to buy their products.

Numerous research studies have highlighted significant negative effects of pornography. Maybe Warshavsky needs to spend some time, as I did while writing "Porn in America" (Huntington House), hearing the stories of families that have been shattered by Internet porn addiction.

James Lambert

San Diego


If Warshavsky is symbolic of the pop culture of the next millennium, it will be called the Age of Scum.

Yeah, his mom and dad must really be proud: Our boy, sexual pirate.

Jan Brown

Van Nuys

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