They've Tired of Basic Black

Since Macintosh colorized some of its computers last year, manufacturers of everything from cell phones to stereos have jumped on the bandwagon, rejecting plain-Jane hues in favor of more electric color schemes.

Last week, tire maker BFGoodrich followed suit by rolling out its new line of Scorcher T/As--tires with a stripe of color in the tread. The company claims they are the world's first color high-performance tire, which means gear heads may not need to sacrifice performance for good looks. And custom-car enthusiasts, for whom "stock" is an indignity and "aftermarket" is the goal, will no longer need to suffer boring black tires.

The T/As come in 16-, 17- and 18-inch sizes, and the stripes are "full-depth"--meaning the color persists even as the tire wears. The tires are expected to sell for about $225 each, according to BFGoodrich.

Screaming Yellow is available now. Blazing Blue and Raging Red will be available next year, and a spokeswoman says the company will soon be able to custom-color tire treads to match any vehicle.

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