More Boom for a Mini Box

Weaned on extreme sports, quick-cut commercials, high-speed Internet connections and rave clothing, teens today have come to expect excitement from everything around them.

Enter Pioneer Electronics and its new MusiQube (about $270), a cute and colorful miniature stereo system that is small enough to fit on a bookshelf but with enough sound to fill an entire room. The three-piece stackable stereo includes an AM / FM tuner, CD player and remote control. And its built-in sleep timer plays music to help kids fall asleep more easily, so they can be roused for school the next morning with the MusiQube's alarm clock.

Aspiring deejays can use the auxiliary input to add a MiniDisc player (about $330). The stereo's SoundScape feature allows the user to play a CD or radio station at the same time as the MiniDisc, so wannabe mix masters can shuffle tunes and record them directly to disc.

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