French Deserve No Toast for Treatment of Armstrong

Lance Armstrong overcomes cancer to win the Tour de France, one of the world’s most challenging athletic competitions. The French cannot accept this and suggest that such a feat is impossible without performance-enhancing (and illegal) drugs.

The French have a very high, nearly xenophobic, opinion of their culture. However, “culture” is more than art, food and a pure language. Courage and integrity count too. France could learn a lot from Lance Armstrong’s example.

M.J. JOHNSON, San Luis Obispo



I can’t begin to explain how disappointing it was to see Nolan Ryan and the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies take the top of the sports section (July 26). How in the world can The Times’ sports desk say this was a greater achievement than what Lance Armstrong accomplished?

Nothing against the Hall of Fame and its inductees, but to me, you couldn’t find a better role model than Lance Armstrong. He not only exemplifies what’s great about sports, but reminds us all what character, integrity and courage are all about.