Robbers Posing as FBI Agents Break Into Home


Police on Wednesday were looking for robbers who invaded a home late Tuesday night by posing as FBI agents.

The men, wearing dark clothing and baseball caps with FBI logos, broke into a house in the 800 block of East 84th Place about 11:50 p.m., pointed a gun at the residents and ordered them to lie on the floor.

The three or four robbers tied up the victims and ransacked the house, stealing an undisclosed amount of cash and property.


On their way out, the robbers told the residents to stay on the floor “or else they’d let the ‘police dogs’ in,” said LAPD Officer Eddy Zelaya.

The three victims waited for 20 minutes before dialing 911.

“Obviously, they’re shaken up,” Zelaya said. The robbers “were posing as law enforcement. They didn’t know what to think.”

Three or four children were in the house, but remained asleep during the robbery. No injuries were reported.