The Jewish festival of Passover and the Christian holiday of Easter are closely linked in many ways. A Passover seder formed the setting for the Last Supper. The word Pasch refers to both holidays, from the Hebrew word Pesach (Passover). And both have some symbols in common: lambs and eggs. To find out more about these two major spring holidays, check out these sites at the Times Launch Point Web site:

Level 1

Happy Easter: The focus is on fun, with lots of easy Easter crafts including baskets, bunny masks and papier-mache eggs. Try out some online Easter games and recipes, as well as links to other Easter sites.

Hoppy Easter: Discover the story, symbols and traditions of Easter, including how Easter eggs are decorated in different countries to express special meanings. Send e-mail greeting cards to your friends and download holiday pictures to color.


Virtual Seder Plate: An important part of Passover is a special meal called a seder in which certain foods are eaten to remember how the Jews were released from slavery in Egypt. Click on the symbols of the seder plate to learn about their meaning and, through them, the story of Passover.

Level 2

Pesach Picture: There are several reminders in the Passover story and in the seder itself not to rejoice at the grief that befell the Egyptians. This site, with its clear recounting of the story and observance of Pesach, the holiday’s name in Hebrew, explains why.

Happy Easter: Find out about the history of Easter, learn what the egg has symbolized for many cultures and view pictures of the famous Faberge eggs that were created for the tsars of Russia.

Passover on the Net: This site provides simple explanations of the story of Passover and a guide to the seder, the festive family gathering that retells the tale, with music, recipes and online Passover greetings you can send to friends.

Level 3

Non-Stop New York’s Easter Joys: Explore Easter traditions from around the world, from the Eastern Orthodox faith to origami bunnies. View classic artworks that revolve around the themes of Easter, find recipes and learn about the classical music devoted to the holiday.

The Easter Page: Artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo have dramatized the events of Easter in their work. This collection of resources offers biblical narratives of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection as well as sermons, essays, artwork, music and international traditions of Easter.

General Index on Pesach: This in-depth source on Passover has quotations from rabbinic writings and philosophical interpretations of key words and symbols.


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What does the egg symbolize in Easter and Passover?

CLUE: Happy Easter and Virtual Seder Plate

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