Bullfrogs, League to Sit Out the Summer

The Bullfrogs roller hockey team will not play this summer because its league, Roller Hockey International, will not operate this summer, club President Rob Montague said Monday.

"We're ready and willing to play, but it's the same old thing," Montague said. "[Roller Hockey International] waited too long to get going and we can't get other owners involved in making a decision as to whether to play."

Montague said he has resigned from the board of RHI, which is saddled with as much as $3 million debt. The Bullfrogs, who play at the Arrowhead Pond, are an original member of RHI, which began in 1993 but has had financial problems in recent years.

Montague said the Bullfrogs, who played in Major League Roller Hockey in 1998 when RHI first went broke, have turned down requests to join several start-up leagues because they would not be up to the team's competitive standards.

The Bullfrogs would consider rejoining RHI if the league gets its finances in order, Montague said.

"We hope that RHI, which is a public company, can continue to get its debt paid down for the rest of the year and then bring in new investors so it can continue," Montague said.

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