Bomb Aboard Bus Kills 26 in Philippines

From Associated Press

Troops stationed along roadways searched vehicles for explosives Friday after a bomb planted on a crowded bus killed at least 26 people and injured dozens more.

The bus was aboard a ferry crossing Pangil Bay to Ozamis in the southern Philippines. Driver Mario Labor said the bomb, which was planted four seats behind him, exploded as the ferry was about 20 yards from the pier at Ozamis. Passengers jumped into the sea in panic.

The ferry's skipper managed to dock, and firefighters extinguished the flames. The ferry and seven of its 20 vehicles were damaged, witnesses said. Dozens of badly burned victims were taken to hospitals.

Police Chief Joel Bation said 26 people were confirmed dead. Many of the bodies were found piled on top of one another in the rear of the bus. The victims apparently had been trying to escape the flames.

About the same time as the ferry explosion, a second bomb went off in another bus owned by the same company, injuring at least four people, police said. No details were available. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the bombings.

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