Nullifying Insurance Laws

* Re Props. 30 and 31: “Maneuver Seeks to Nullify 2 Insurance Laws,” Feb. 21: Have we come to this?

Let me get this straight. Out-of-state insurance companies are trying to undo laws that our elected representatives passed last year to hold them more accountable, in order to protect their higher-than-normal profit margins. And if that isn’t cynical enough, they’re using millions, $44 million at last count, of our hard-earned insurance premium dollars in an attempt to take away our own constitutionally mandated right to sue!

Money-bags politics at the height of hypocrisy. If they have so much money, maybe we need another insurance rebate.



Santa Monica


* I couldn’t disagree with you more regarding your support of Props. 30 and 31 (editorial, Feb. 18). Does anybody actually believe passage will decrease lawsuits? Laws such as these allowing more litigation always increase lawsuits, never reduce them. This results in higher costs for everyone.

Any legislation written by personal injury lawyers allowing two lawsuits for any one accident is utterly unconscionable. These same lawyers actually have the gall to claim the insurance companies make low-ball offers, yet take a third to 40% of their client’s settlement. By the time the injured party receives his compensation, he feels cheated by the insurance company that paid his claim.


When choosing between lawyers and insurance companies, I’ll choose the one that will save me money. I plan to vote no on these propositions.


Huntington Beach