Actress Settles Suit Over Business Deal

A lawsuit filed by actress Kelly LeBrock against her business manager and two attorneys for allegedly botching a business deal to distribute homeopathic medicines was settled out of court, the lawyers confirmed Thursday.

In court documents, LeBrock, best known for starring roles in “Weird Science” and “Woman in Red,” contended that business manager Howard Grossman and attorneys Scott B. Zolke and Heenan Blaikie encouraged her to pursue a 1996 business venture in which she would market her own line of natural medicines.

LeBrock lost money on the plan, she alleged, as a result of Grossman’s “slipshod performance” and unprofessional work. Not only did he fail to “properly and competently” evaluate the feasibility of the venture, the suit claimed the Beverly Hills accountant also bounced checks and failed to pay bills, causing LeBrock “emotional distress.”

The actress said she was not aware of the damage Grossman caused to her finances until October 1997, when other financial advisors informed her.


Michael Glassman, Grossman’s attorney, said his client “categorically denies” any wrongdoing and described the case as “meritless.” He said the case was settled for a “truly nominal” charitable contribution simply to end the litigation.

Glassman did not disclose the amount or the beneficiary of the settlement. Neither the actress’ attorney, Daniel J. Quisenberry, nor the other defendants in the case could be reached for comment.