What’s the Big Idea: “Now the Republicans are accusing Al Gore of stealing some of their ideas. Like [Monday], Gore announced he is making campaign finance reform the centerpiece of his campaign. And he said he came up with this idea when he was stuck in that POW camp in Hanoi for 5 1/2 years.” (Jay Leno)

Acting Out: “It’s tough taking sides in an argument between Charlton Heston and Bill Clinton. Cause on one side you got a classic actor trained to fake emotion for the camera, trained to win you over with a well-rehearsed script and then on the other side you have Charlton Heston.” (Leno)


Gary Easley’s Essential

Daily List

Other Things the Pope

Apologized For

* That pointy hat.

* Not calling high school sweetheart and telling her he was going into the priesthood.

* Scalping tickets to his papal audiences.

* Telling Protestant jokes.

* Falling asleep in the middle of “Sister Act.”

* Putting in his will that his successor must be named George Ringo II.

* Hoarding Pikachu cards.

* The Kennedys.

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