Scott Newman Center


I realize that Paul Lieberman’s story was not designed to be a complete laundry list of all of the good work Paul Newman has been involved with; that would require another four-page article (“In Search of a State of Grace,” Aug. 20).

But since our organization was named after his son, and we are based in Los Angeles, I would like to augment Lieberman’s mention of us. The Scott Newman Center, originally named the Scott Newman Foundation, was founded in 1980 to educate the public, especially children and teens, about the dangers associated with substance abuse. Our programs have been utilized by substance abuse prevention counselors, chemical dependency workers, teachers and law enforcement officers.

In 1994, the center founded the Rowdy Ridge Gang Camp, a unique summer camp program for low-income mothers and children whose lives have been affected by substance abuse and/or domestic violence. This one-of-a-kind camp strengthens family bonds and teaches parenting and coping skills and conflict resolution.



Executive director, Scott Newman Center