IRS' Insensitivity at Root of Tax Protests

The first lines of "IRS to Hasten Prosecution of Frivolous Tax Claims" [July 24] say it all: "Taking aim at the growing ranks of tax protesters . . ."

A representative government, doing its job, would not "take aim" at tax protesters; it would take note of the growing number of citizens who are mad as H*** and not wanting to take it any more.

The Internal Revenue Service has earned its horrible reputation, and I hope a couple of hundred thousand Times readers react in revulsion to the bull-whip-cracking slave-master attitude it expresses.

This tax protester movement is about citizens waking up and coming to grips with their out-of-control government. That the feds see this as a "growing problem" shows just how disrespectful they are of the meaning of our Constitution, which was written with the intent to chain the government so it cannot do what it now does to us every day.

Thankfully, there is now a bill to abolish the IRS and replace it with a national sales tax that would tax voluntary transactions and end federal monitoring of our papers, effects and personal lives.

David Donovan


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