A Reader Details Virtues of Vasquez

I sometimes disagree with your editorial position on issues, but never have I seen you miss the mark so badly as you did with your Aug. 20 editorial opposing the nomination of former Orange County Supervisor Gaddi Vasquez as director of the Peace Corps.

My reaction upon hearing of Vasquez's nomination was that he was the perfect choice for that job.

Vasquez personifies America. Raised by immigrant farm workers from Mexico, he took advantage of the great opportunities in this country to get an education, perfect his public speaking skills, build a successful career and perform considerable public service.

Yes, he happened to be on the Board of Supervisors at the time of the bankruptcy, but anyone familiar with that event knows that the board could not have foreseen or prevented it. An elected county treasurer single-handedly brought the county to its knees, not Vasquez or the Board of Supervisors.

Contrary to your editorial, Vasquez showed great courage and leadership in the wake of the bankruptcy, taking a lot of unwarranted abuse and staying on the board until a solution was in place.

Before the bankruptcy, Vasquez exercised leadership on the board in the areas of law enforcement and assistance for child victims. .

Vasquez will make a great Peace Corps director. His idealism and charismatic personality will make America proud to have him representing us around the world.

Randy Smith

Yorba Linda

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