Sparks Today

vs. Sacramento, 2, ESPN2

Staples Center.


Sparks lead Western Conference final, 1-0.

Update--Coach Michael Cooper doesn't think the Sparks or the Monarchs have any surprises left for each other, offensively or defensively. "Both teams have seen the best of what the other has," Cooper said. "Now you just come out and play. There are little strategic adjustments you can make; but both teams know each other, and what they have to do to be successful." Sacramento has to find someone besides guard-forward Edna Campbell who can consistently make the outside shot. Otherwise the Sparks will continue to take away Yolanda Griffith's inside game with their collapsing, rotating zone. The Monarchs need to keep the Sparks from getting any kind of big lead early, and force Los Angeles to play a half-court offensive game down the stretch. The Sparks have also ended their relationship with radio station KWKU for the rest of the season.

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