Coating Can Turn Room's Walls Into Giant Magnets


If you're a parent, chances are good that your kids' bedroom walls are plastered with posters of pop teen idols or sports stars.

Pushpins, thumbtacks and tape--the traditional way of hanging posters--can mar wall surfaces, requiring frequent patching and painting. Until now.

Magnetic Creations is a wall decor system that attracts magnets. Two coats of this stuff and you'll never need another pushpin or piece of tape.

What's the secret? Iron. Magnetic Creations contains iron particles that make magnets stick. The coating is safe around children and has received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

The system is well thought out. Besides a half-gallon of the wall treatment, (100 square feet of one-coat coverage), the starter kit also contains two foam rollers, video, stir stick and instructions.

Since Magnetic Creations isn't designed as a finish, you'll need to apply a coat of your favorite paint after the coating has dried.

Prepare the wall for painting by spackling over damaged areas and sanding those areas smooth.

After thorough mixing, apply a coat of Magnetic Creations. A second coat is recommended for maximum magnetic attraction. Allow several hours of drying time before applying the topcoat paint.

Now comes the fun. Break out the magnets and hang those posters, pictures and certificates.

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