MTV Hasn't Aged Well

Read your two-page advertisement, oops, I mean "article" on MTV from Sharon Goldman Edry ("Aging With MTV," July 22). Edry admits that she's been watching MTV for 20 years and even sludges through the hours upon hours of MTV muck including "Total Request Live," which is nothing but teeny-bopper propaganda.

I have two thoughts on this: (1) Let go of your adolescence and stop hiding from adulthood. (2) Congratulations, you did a great job making everybody think MTV has something to offer adults. I hope you spend your payoff well.

How about an objective article on how MTV exploits young viewers with huge, unethical amounts of advertising time, or the confusing messages coming from gangsta rap videos and their near soft-core porn show "Undressed." Not to mention the severe lack of substance coming from the programming. MTV wears the guise of "protector of youth" but in reality is one of the great exploiters of young people.



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