Nick Is Always Willing to Share

A stable, loving home has been hard for 7-year-old Nick to find. He was born into a family with a drug-addicted mother and an unemployed father. After his parents separated, he was sent to live with his dad. Then, when his father could not adequately care for him, he was returned to his mother.

His parents got back together and moved to New York, leaving Nick with his grandparents. Now the parents are living in their car, and Nick sleeps on the couch of his grandparents' one-bedroom apartment.

Officials at the Assistance League of Southern California Children's Club describe Nick as a loving young boy. He is very generous, they say, and shares whatever he has with others.

Since 1929, the Children's Club has provided programs for at-risk youths in a safe and nurturing environment. The Club also provides one-on-one mentoring, an academic enrichment curriculum, organized and recreational sports, computer training and performing arts activities.

Through the Children's Club, Nick will be attending Grace Valley Camp in Big Bear. The club will receive $5,000 this year from the Los Angeles Times Summer Camp Program to send needy children to camp and enable them to enjoy the outdoors.

Each year since 1954, readers and employees of the Los Angeles Times have sent thousands of needy children to camp through The Times Summer Camp Program. This year, the McCormick Tribune Foundation will match the first $1.2 million raised at 50 cents on the dollar.

It costs an average of $150 for a child to spend a week at summer camp. Checks should be sent to: L.A. Times Summer Camp Campaign, File No. 53401, Los Angeles, CA 90074-3401. Credit card payments can also be made by calling (213) 237-5771. Please do not send cash. All donations are tax-deductible.

It is the policy of the Los Angeles Times and the camp program to maintain and promote a culture of nondiscrimination and inclusiveness.

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