Woman, 86, Survives for 2 Days in Submerged Car

Associated Press

An 86-year-old woman survived nearly two days in her submerged car after it went into a creek while she was returning from the airport.

"I was just sitting there in a weed patch with bugs all about me," Wanda Irene McKinnis said Sunday. "I'm not a person that likes bugs."

McKinnis, who lives in Achille, drove to Dallas on Thursday to pick up her husband at the airport. After failing to find him, she headed home.

About 11:30 p.m., she got lost and ran off the road. The car landed upside down in the creek and McKinnis maneuvered until her head was in what she called "a bubble" of air.

"She's unbelievable," said Melinda Persons, a nurse at Love County Mercy Hospital. "She has no injuries, she's just kind of beat up and she had her hair full of mud."

Help arrived Saturday night when passers-by saw the car.

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