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What: AniVision

The ultimate fantasy of sports fans? Many would say to take part in their favorite sporting event. Now fans can come closer to doing just that.

AniVision Inc. has launched new technology designed to immerse online subscribers in interactive animated re-creations of sporting events within minutes of an event's conclusion.

AniVision is a hybrid of live event data and 3-D animation delivering full-screen, photo-realistic re-creations of sporting events. The look and feel is similar to that of a high-end video game.

Subscribers can, for example, select virtual camera views, make on-demand instant replays and access analysis of events.

The firm has signed licensing deals with a number of sports partners, including the Indy Racing League. Major college football teams include the Southeastern Conference schools, Texas, Florida State, North Carolina, Clemson, Michigan, Washington and Miami.

For instance, fans who want to take part in an IRL race can use the AniVision Web site, http://netracelive.com. Each event, including the Indy 500, has been archived for access at any time. Online drivers compete wheel-to-wheel as an extra car in the field against the Indy drivers. Subscriber statistics and finish position are entered to make participants eligible for prizes.

An annual subscription to AniVision IRL and college football is $19.95. Other packages range from $20 to $40.

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