Staar Surgical Recalls Lens in Packaging Flaw


Staar Surgical Co., a maker of optical medical devices, said it has recalled a type of lens used in cataract procedures due to a potential packaging flaw that could breach the sterility of the lens.

The Monrovia-based company said it is too soon to assess costs associated with the recall of the Model CQ-2005V, a three-piece Collamer intraocular lens.

The company said the pouches in which the lenses are packaged could possibly open while in transit, possibly causing a breach in their sterility.

All other Staar lenses are packaged differently and are not affected by this recall, the company said.

The packaging failure has not resulted in any patient injuries, the company said.

Separately, Staar Surgical said a letter was sent to customers in early April offering them an exchange for silicone lenses after internal tests showed that lenses made from these batches of silicone might be more prone to tearing.

Shares fell 27 cents to close at $5.18 on Nasdaq.

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