A Dose of Democracy From Justice Mosk

Re "Stanley Mosk, State's Senior Justice, Dies," June 20: In addition to the many achievements mentioned, Stanley Mosk was the author of "Democracy in America--Day by Day," a calendar of events and comments in diary form quoting the words of Thomas Jefferson, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, among many others.

By offering "a teaspoon of knowledge each day," he suggests--again turning to his preface--that "this easy dosage may help us appreciate our heritage and encourage us to rededicate ourselves to those principles that distinguish our democracy and make it a beacon for freedom-loving people everywhere on this globe." The shortest entry comes from the diary of George III of England for July 4, 1776: "Nothing of importance happened today."

Mosk was an unassuming and unpretentious man, although he took great pride in telling us that he successfully fought the Professional Golfers' Assn. bylaws when he was attorney general, which denied access to minority golfers. His influence in this matter spread throughout the U.S. as he contacted each state's attorney general, ensuring that the PGA would have no state in which to hide. Although he would never comment on interesting or juicy tidbits of cases that might come before the court, he was an easy and witty conversationalist and a dear friend.

Ted and Connie Harris

Beverly Hills


In addition to his judicial responsibilities, Mosk was actively involved in numerous civic activities, such as Vista Del Mar-Child Care, a local social agency that offers a range of services to children and their families. Mosk was president of the board at VDM from 1951-57. I remember his active involvement with staff and his concern with the problems of children who could not live with their families. Quite an example for today's consumer-business-oriented society.

Reuben Pannor

Los Angeles

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