Leave Home Radon Gas Testing to a Professional


Question: I have cracks in my concrete basement floor from which I believe radon gas is creeping in. What is the best way to seal those cracks?

Answer: Before you do anything about that cracked floor, test for radon first. Better yet, have a professional make the test for you.

The reason for contacting a professional: You might need to install a system to exhaust the vapors if the radon is present in a dangerous concentration. The concentration of radon should be checked both before and after the concrete is sealed.

Sealing the cracks in the floor of your basement might be all that you need to do. Then again, maybe more work will be needed.

Perhaps you will not have to install the exhaust system we mentioned. In any event, use a polyurethane concrete caulk.

Use Pressure Washer for Paint Removal

Q: The paint on my outside wall is peeling. What is the best way to remove it before I put on a new coat of paint?

A: Paint removal by a do-it-yourselfer is most easily accomplished with a pressure washer. Although pressure washers are available for rent, if you are a homeowner, we suggest you consider purchasing one. Its uses around the house are endless.

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