China Fits IOC Profile as the Ideal Games Host

Bob Verdi, writing in the Chicago Tribune, is obviously no fan of the Olympics.

"Rooting has absolutely no place in journalism, but we dedicate this space to the Olympics, so that eliminates all rules. Thus we sincerely hope China will be awarded the 2008 Games.

"Granted, there are bids on the table from Paris and Toronto, either of which would be an excellent choice. But when those members of the International Olympic Committee reach under that table for their final shipment of gifts before casting ballots in mid-July, it should be obvious to all--Beijing best represents slimy Olympic ideals."


Trivia time: In which major league ballpark did Lou Gehrig hit his first home run?


No answers, man: Ron Rapoport of the Chicago Sun-Times: "Questions, always questions: Couldn't the O'Neal-Bryant lovefest very easily hit the rocks again? Isn't Bryant likely to get a little tired of having 'Shaq, Shaq, Shaq' drummed into his ears during the off-season? What's an entourage for if not to keep telling Bryant he shouldn't have to play second fiddle to somebody else? And what, I wonder, would Jordan have done if he'd had to defer to O'Neal?"


No hospital, no foul: Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Tribune on the contact sport of pro basketball:

"These days, it's hard to blame any NBA player for believing he was fouled on any particular play because, in all likelihood, he was. He probably was maimed, scarred, violated and emotionally damaged for that matter. That's the league for you, half basketball and half nelson."


Hitting the road: Speculation on North Carolina basketball, from the Caught on the Fly column in the Sporting News: "So why were Joe Forte, Ron Curry and Julius Peppers in such a hurry to opt out on Heels hoops? Silverhead Doherty. Fly hears that after time with Grampa Guthridge, a year with Doherty was like having your baby sitter changed from Barbara Bush to Leona Helmsley."


Looking back: On this date in 1968, Canada's Sandra Post beat Kathy Whitworth by seven strokes in a playoff to become the first

non-U.S. player and rookie to win the LPGA championship.


Not Chicago?! Fox Sports Net's new Bay Area Sports Report "has a long way to go to get up to a major league level," says Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News.

Replies Rapoport of the Chicago Sun-Times: "One reason might be that the show originates in Chicago."


Trivia answer: Wrigley Field in Chicago during a high school all-star game.

And finally: Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle: "Allen Iverson, speaking of his *

incredible attitude turnaround this season, gives a big assist to Magic Johnson, who offered Iverson advice and counsel. Right now, Magic is the leader in the balloting for the Benedict Arnold Award."

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