A Cashier's Reality Check

I took Sean G a-clubbing last week, something I've been trying to do for years. The India-born Viper Room cashier--who usually works seven nights a week at the world-famous nightclub--was like a babe in the woods.

Our first stop was Belly, where we caught owner Lonnie Moore sandwiched between two hot blonds in the smoking section. Seems his new role of nightclub entrepreneur suits him well. We made our way over to the Hollywood Canteen, which was hosting a madcap hip-hop night. It was like a sea of b-ballers, shot-callers and dollars. Haven't seen so many hot women in one place since, well, the last time I was at the Canteen.

We moseyed over to Daddy's on Vine Street, which really is a perfect bar. Elegant, friendly and inviting. We also popped into Beauty Bar and Burgundy Room, before capping off the night at Dragonfly , where we met Motochrist's Danny Nordahl at the door. Nordahl was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to let Sean G in a club for free.

At the 'Fly, we caught a rad band, Sex With Lurch, where a very Lurch-like gentleman stands behind the band and holds party platters ....

Gee whiz, I missed Bryan Rabin's knockout performance on Sunday. The hot party planner was invited by promoter Nico Golfar to create a shindig for Vespa scooters, which by all accounts was one of the loveliest parties in recent memory.

The outdoor affair took place under twinkling white lights on Hollywood's Cosmo Street and included such revved-up guests as Flea, Korn, Tori Spelling and Vin Diesel. Woo-hah ....

Gotta run, kittens, the Warped Tour is in town and I've simply got to find bondage clamdiggers. Kiss kiss.

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