Let Jackson's Energetic Beat Go On

After reading Robert Hilburn's review of Janet Jackson's All for You Tour, I feel that I know everything I need to know about Madonna's Drowned World Tour ("Jackson's 'All for You' Concert Misses the Beat," Oct. 1). Seems as if somebody should have reminded Hilburn which concert he was at that night.

It's a shame that Madonna even in her prime was unable to move at the fast and crisp pace of Jackson. It's a shame to watch a career that is based on controversy and hype over substance and artistic merit, such as Madonna's. It's also a shame that the audience members in Madonna's concert were unable to find a song they knew the words to until they heard "Holiday." It's also a shame that during her mid-30s, the material mom wasn't showing much sign of maturity by sporting cone bras.

If you consider cheap karate, country-western karaoke, wheel-chair-paced choreography, unnecessary violence, tacky wardrobe, obscene language and a lack of audience interaction and top five singles to be a great concert, then by all means, you are entitled to enjoy the show.

But when reviewing a Janet Jackson concert, it would be nice if Hilburn could focus his narrow attention span to critique the artist of the night.


Hacienda Heights


I'm not surprised at the Times article on Janet Jackson's concert, as this is the same paper that called Mariah Carey's movie "a dynamic feature debut."

I personally went to both shows and you cannot compare the two concerts. I went to the Drowned World Tour and sat through most of it (like everyone else around me). I went to Janet's concert and danced through all of it (like everyone at the concert). From the T-shirts to the tour book to the concert itself, Janet outdid the Material Girl by a mile.

Eric Clapton sits with a guitar, year after year. Elton John sits at a piano year after year. No one presses them to dramatically alter the type of show they put on. Janet is a dance artist, and to expect something different at a Janet show is outright insane.

And the gall to bring Britney Spears' name into the picture by saying Janet's show is like Britney's? Hello, it's the other way around! Not only is Janet emulated by the type of show she puts on by the current teen-fab (that she made popular years ago), she still does it better than the 19-year-olds.

If growth and maturity mean sitting through one-quarter of a concert with a guitar (not original), another section re-creating scenes from a blockbuster movie (most not original) and yelling obscenities at the crowd (entirely not original), then yes, Madonna's show reeked of growth and maturity.


Los Angeles


Janet Jackson hasn't skipped a beat. She is still the Queen of Pop. I finally came up with an answer as to why Hilburn gave her such a terrible review: He can't dance.


Los Angeles

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