Faith and Prayer in Times of Crisis

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For as long as I can remember there have been people heralded in the press who complained about public prayer and separation of church and state. With all the calls for a national day of prayer, with Congress starting sessions with a prayer, with all the outpouring of people looking for solace in their faiths and opening up their houses of worship for all to attend, where are these people who complained about separation of church and state?

Our country was founded by people of deep faith who put their faith and trust in a divine being--and in a time of crisis so do we. This is a striking example of how morally bankrupt the people who complain about prayer are.

Barry Levy

Redondo Beach



After the World Trade Center bombing the religious leaders of the world held prayer vigils. It was nice and very thoughtful. However, what interests me the most is that the main cause of this is a religious war. As a matter of fact, most wars dating back in world history were the result of religious differences. There’s Northern Ireland, Bosnia, the Mideast and wars going back to before the Crusades.

I’m not an expert, but I think if it weren’t for the religious right the rest of the world would get along just fine.

Louis H. Abramson

Westlake Village