DWP: Cost-Cutting or Quality-Bashing?

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Re “DWP’s Spending Comes Under Scrutiny,” March 31: Those silver belt buckles are a safety award, awarded for being accident-free for 10 years in a row. If being accident-free is considered being a “top-performing department employee” in our hazardous industry, any manager or city controller should be proud to honor those employees whether they be in private or public industry.

Considering the cost of one belt buckle versus an employee recuperating in a hospital or at home from an on-the-job injury, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out. It’s all math. I have one and proudly wear it.

Joe Zwart



City Controller Laura Chick is right on the nose when she complains that the DWP is acting like a business when it is really a city agency. As a bureaucrat, Chick knows that a government agency should not be making a profit, should not be responsive to the constituents it serves and, heaven forbid, should not have satisfied customers. Let us join Chick’s intifada to bring the DWP down to her level.


William Bunyan