SEPT. 6, 1972: DAY 12


Olympic Reaction: Life Must Go On--but Fun Is Gone

A memorial service was held at the Olympic Stadium for the 11 members of the Israeli team killed the day before, a circle--with the letters X: MURDER inside--was painted on the cobblestone path between the Israeli quarters and the track stadium and then life at the Olympics went on, though not as usual. “I’ll run, but I don’t feel like running,” U.S. marathoner Kenny Moore said. “Until now, I think almost everyone felt the Olympics were a symbol of something so important. Now this insanity. What’s important after this?”

Ken Patera: His Dream of Being No. 1 Ended


The Soviet Union’s Vasily Alexeyev, a 30-year-old mining engineer from Minsk, confirmed his status as the world’s strongest man, lifting 1,411 total pounds in super heavyweight weightlifting. He felt it was his destiny to win. He had married a woman named Olympiada. Ken Patera, the top U.S. lifter, injured himself early in the competition, failed in three attempts in snatch and was disqualified.



*--* Country G S B T Soviet Union 27 21 16 64 United States 24 25 21 70 East Germany 16 14 19 49





“Canceling the Games would encourage terrorist action at international gatherings.”

--Michael Plumb, U.S. equestrian team

“Incredibly, they’re going on with it. It’s almost like having a dance at Dachau.”

--Times columnist Jim Murray