Downsize the Faithful, Build a Cathedral

I cannot let “Archdiocese to Cut Programs, Jobs to Close Budget Gap” (Sept. 19) go without a response. It is unconscionable for a religious group to be so unjust to loyal employees. Cutbacks may have been necessary, but entire departments eliminated? Employees are being let go who have worked for years for low pay, little advancement possibilities and nothing paid into unemployment. As a member of a Catholic religious congregation of women, I must register my objection to what has occurred and attempt to stand with those who have been so wronged.

Mary Leah Plante




Cardinal Roger Mahony’s assertion that funds used to build his personal “Rog Mahal” were raised separately and have no bearing on the recent budget shortfall of the archdiocese is patently absurd. The archdiocese sent out a memo during the fund-raising period listing the major cathedral donors and informing other Catholic charities not to contact those donors. Since Mahony’s bigwig friends had already given to his pet project, I guess he didn’t want them to be bothered with giving to actual charities that help real people.

Patrick Mallon

San Luis Obispo