Don't Blindly Trust Radio Talk Celebrities

Re "Is She Dr. Laura or Dr. Strange Love?" Dec. 24:

Thank you for exposing the fraud that "Doctor" Laura is. I have been listening to her radio talk shows for the last few months and found it hard to believe the way she talked to her listeners. Either you are in her favor or you are not. Her attitude of simplistic yes and no answers to complex family and social issues, never felt right to me. And now after reading your Dec. 24 column by Robert Scheer, I am glad to know there are other people who feel like me.

Charity begins at home, and one who cannot keep his or her home affairs in order has no right to lecture other people about it.

I'm sure that all this rhetoric and the upheaval in the aftermath of her mother's death won't make a dent in her popularity or dampen the fire of her talk show. But it does underline to future listeners the need to be cautious when idolizing celebrities and not feel disheartened when some "Dr." Laura does not agree with their school of thought.

Arinder Chadha, M.D.

Yorba Linda

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