Nothing New in Rites of Passage for Collegians

Re "We Love You -- Now Go," editorial, Jan. 1: I am nearly 90 years old and I find that nothing has changed in these 70 years since I was in college (Smith). When I came home and was about to vote in my first election, I proudly told my father that I was going to vote for Norman Thomas. My father, a tried and true Republican, threw up his hands and nearly threw me out of the house, saying, "Is this what they're teaching you?"

Jeanette Lambert

Laguna Woods


OK, I guess even editors have personal issues. But, honestly, with all that is going on in our city, state and country (not to mention the world), what is this drivel doing on the editorial page? Let Steve Lopez handle topics like this. Please. There are more substantive issues The Times should reflect upon.

Bruce Phillips

Los Angeles

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