Bush’s War on Terror Erodes the Constitution


Jonathan Turley factually capsizes the Bush administration’s efforts to defrock the sanctity of the Constitution (Commentary, Jan. 2).

As demonstrated by 12 examples, he asks, “At what point do we become something other than a free and democratic nation?” The self-serving and self-perpetuating mantra of post- 9/11 homeland security and “evildoers” will erode the Constitution to a piece of paper... in the name of national security.

Ernie Garcia



Before Turley, or any other law school professor, lectures us on how the Bush administration is restricting our constitutional liberties, I wish he would look at some videos again. I wish he would view the video showing United Airlines Flight 175 ramming into the World Trade Center. Or look at the video of people jumping from the top floors to their deaths. Or look at the despair and horror on faces of the families who lost loved ones.


After viewing these videos again, I hope these ivory tower professors would then exhibit a sense of moral outrage like the rest of us and begin to appreciate that America cannot continue to enjoy all the unrestricted freedoms we had before 9/11.

Sheldon Welles

Pacific Palisades


The war on terrorism is doing more damage to our country and our constitutional rights than Osama bin Laden ever did. I voted for President Bush in 2000, but I will not do so in 2004.

Lucy Cole

Eagle Rock