Greater Cooperation in Mentoring Foster Kids

"Forging Strong Adults From Hard-Knock Kids" (editorial, Dec. 24) aptly noted the tremendous need for mentors for foster youth and the efforts of the L.A. County Bar Assn., through the Bridges to the Future program, to recruit volunteers to serve as mentors. In past years, this endeavor was not supported by the Department of Children and Family Services; your editorial observed that DCFS administrators "stubbornly resisted efforts to link foster teens with volunteer mentors, such as the lawyers the Los Angeles County Bar Assn. has recruited to help guide struggling youths."

While this statement was accurate, we wish to note that the program's recent resurrection came about solely due to the enthusiastic support of the DCFS staff. The department has actively supported the now-flourishing Bridges mentoring program. Dozens of youths have been placed with attorney mentors in the past several months. Volunteers interested in serving as mentors should contact the DCFS mentor coordinator at (626) 938-1607.

Miriam Aroni Krinsky


Paul L. Freese Jr.

Chair, Juvenile Courts Task

Force, L.A. County Bar Assn.

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