A Ploy to Ease Protest on Dolphin Rule Change

Re "America's 'Dolphin-Safe' Lie," Commentary, Jan. 5: The Bush administration is smarter than I thought. Watering down the definition of safe tuna fishing practices while students across the nation were on their holiday break was a smart move. Everyone knows that children have a soft spot for dolphins, and had they known what was going on in Washington you would have seen an outcry of anger beyond belief.

Thank goodness this educator will be teaching environmental health upon return to school , and John Balzar's commentary will serve well as an introduction. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) can rest assured that, just as in the '80s, she will have plenty of support to "organize the kids of the United States" to remedy this heartless injustice.

Jacqueline Domac

Chair, Health Dept.

Venice High School

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