Dogies and kitties

Country Baby!

MoPo Home Entertainment

VHS: $14.99

Ages 4 months to 3 years

Another entry in the infant-video genre featuring bright colors, puppets, toys, real babies, animals and outdoor scenes, this time with a country flavor. Vignettes designed to catch babies' attention are accompanied by quiet country-folk instrumentals, from "Old MacDonald" to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."


What Kind of Cat Are You?!

Bang-a-Bucket Music

CD: $16. Ages 3 to 8

(800) 669-4057

Alley cat, cat burglar, cat-astrophe or cat-aclysm, Billy Jonas has a distinctive song -- and witty wordplay -- to make kids laugh and think, too. A relaxed communicator and polished singer-musician, Jonas performs with a playful bounce and creative, irresistible percussion that beg listener participation. The bluesy add-on song, "Bear to the Left and Snake to the Right; Weasel on Down and Duck Outta Sight," gets kids moving; "Nine-Foot Dragon and a Four-Foot Boy" is an imagination celebration with knockout jazz drum rhythms; and the night world comes unforgettably alive in "Nocturnal" ("Hey, hey, what's that sound? Nocturnal animals coming 'round").

-- Lynne Heffley

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