Cross-Dressing Dad Is Doing Kids No Harm

Re "Transgender Chaperon Ignites School Dispute," Jan. 5: What is it that has the Francis Howell School District's parents' knickers in a knot? The father of a student, described as "actively involved in his daughters' education," chaperoned a field trip to the Missouri State Capitol wearing "jeans, a sweater and nice shoes" and "tasteful makeup." Big whoop.

Instead of frothing at the mouth about requiring parent chaperons to wear "gender-appropriate" clothing, the parents should be thanking this parent for his volunteerism and for keeping their children safe. That's the paramount issue. Instead of worrying what their children might think, the parents ought to be taking the opportunity to explain to children that the manner in which this individual dresses is his choice and how he chooses to identify himself. And that there is nothing wrong or immoral about it.

Christopher L.



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